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atman virtually "self", in some cases "soul" or "Moi". In Buddhism, the predominant instructing could be the negating doctrine of anatman, that there is no long term, persisting atman, and that belief in atman will be the prime consequence of ignorance, the foundation of samsara

mantra Chant made use of mostly to assist concentration, to reach enlightenment. The best-identified Buddhist mantra is possibly Om mani padme hum

Correct Effort and hard work (Pāli: sammā-vāyāma; Sanskrit: samyag-vyāyāma; 正精進 Cn: zhèngjīngjìn; Vi: chính tinh tiến)

Hinayana, lit. "smaller vehicle", A coinage because of the Mahayana for that Buddhist doctrines worried about the accomplishment of Nirvana for a Śrāvakabuddha or possibly a Pratyekabuddha, versus a Samyaksambuddha.

The Mekong is now heavily dammed, with a lot of more dams planned and below construction. China has presently built 8 hydropower dams over the Mekong mainstream considering the fact that 1995. As of November 2016, China has 5 much more beneath construction, and A different 11 planned or proposed.

tangaryō A duration of watching for admission into a Zen monastery for the gate, Long lasting between in the future to several weeks—with regards to the high-quality of one's sitting. Refers back to the area touring monks stay in when traveling to, or await admittance into your sōdō.

dhammavinaya The dharma and vinaya (approximately "doctrine and discipline") regarded Going Here alongside one another. This term fundamentally usually means The entire teachings read this article of Buddhism as taught to monks

mahamudra A method of immediate introduction the idea of sunyata, of samsara and that the two are inseparable

Achieve 1: Lancang Jiang or Higher Mekong River in China. During this A part of the river, the foremost supply of h2o flowing to the river originates from melting snow to the Tibetan plateau. This quantity of h2o is typically called the "Yunnan element" and performs a very important role from the reduced-movement hydrology with the decreased mainstream.

abhidhamma A class of scriptures that makes an attempt to employ Buddhist teachings to generate a systematic, abstract description of all worldly phenomena

" This leads to the prospective for confusion, puns, and double entendres, given that the latter that means usually has unfavorable connotations

The minimal tide level of the river in Cambodia is decrease in comparison to the significant tide stage out at sea, and also the flow from the Mekong inverts With all the tides through browse around these guys its stretch in Vietnam and approximately Phnom Penh.

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In the ancient time Khmuic persons referred to as it '[ŏ̞m̥ kʰrɔːŋ̊ ɲă̞k̥]' or '[ŏ̞m̥ kʰrɔːŋ̊ ɟru̞ːʔ]' meaning 'Jiant canal river' or 'deep canal river' respectively.

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